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's talk about the president obama's white house tours then i want to get the bloomberg clip and get your reaction on that. >> i'm asking is there a way to accommodate schools, who traveled here with bank sales. >> using emotion. >> they can still come to tour. >> i think it is incumbent on government to tell people and let people make their own decisions. our job is to educate people and the ban on bigger cup sizes was a way to remind you if you wanted 32 ounces you can take two cups but you should take one. people have a right to make products and people have a right to buy them. i don't know which one comes first. >> i don't know which one comes first. >> that is amazing. i'm going to educate you then i'm going to beat you first. education is not by using force and by using the force of the government, that is not the job of the mayor. this fat on me is not fat, this is what i call storeable goods because of the obama administration because if something goes wrong i'm prepared. >> we have a judge that got this right. so good for that particular judge. >> the soda ban question is great
to nations that hate us. [applause] just two weeks ago, president obama canceled white house source and said $250 million to egypt. and sent 250 million dollars to egypt, with no conditions, nothing focused on u.s. national security principally wrote a check. -- security. simply wrote a check. we need to get back to growth and opportunity. spreading the message that our policies work, their policies don't, that government control hurts those struggling to ihieve the american dream -- can promise you something. abc, nbc, cbs, "the new york -- none of them are going to help spread that message. but we have something more powerful. we have each and every one of you. [applause] the world has changed. there are no longer gatekeepers that can decide what the american people get to hear and what they don't get to hear. [applause] so i'm here today, asking for each and every one of your help telling the story. how many of you have a cell phone on you right now? i'm going to ask you to take out your cell phone and text the 733d growth to the number 33 . 33733.the word growth, when you do that, you wi
. it's not surprising that many reporters are sympathetic to a narrative from the obama white house about the debt issue. >> bill: i don't think it's a giant conspiracy that they meet in key west and say this is how we're going to help president obama, it's more a culture. on march 6th an e-mail sent out by the democratic party smeared me as homophobic, and described him in the opening as being openly gay because that's who he is and this is his priority, getting civil unions, legalizing marijuana. four days later, the denver post almost uses the exact same language as that democratic fundraiser in an editorial column attacking me as a homophobe and whatever. that i think is collusion, professor. >> well, it'd be hard for me to comment on whether it's collusion or not, but i can see where the democratic party might want to exploit this issue i've raised for their own benefit and particularly they'd see an east coast media organization like fox news would need to come in and meddle in their internal affairs and that the denver post would say, hey, we support this narrative and we're
to nations that hate us. [ applause ] just two weeks ago, president obama canceled white house tours and sent $250 million to egypt. (boos). >> with no strings attached, nothing focused on u.s. national security. simply wrote a check. we need to get back to growth and opportunity. now listen, spreading the message that our policies work, their policies don't, that government control hurts those struggling to achieve the american dream. i can promise you something, abc, nbc, cbs, the "new york times," none of them are going to help spread that message. but we have something more powerful. we have each and every one of you. [ applause ] the world has changed. there are no longer gate keepers that can decide what the american people get to hear and what they don't get to hear. [ applause ] so i'm here today asking for each and every one of your help telling the story. how many of you have a cell phone on you right now? i'm going to ask you to take out your cell phone and text the word growth to the number 33733. once again that's the word growth to 33733. when you do that, you will be joining us
in these discussions, not just leadership. gwen: and republicans welcomed him there. >> i'm glad president obama reached out yesterday and visited with house republicans. i think we had an honest discussion but this is going to take more than dinner dates and phone calls. gwen: it was new, kind of, but what will it add up to in the end? gobbledygook, john? >> two things happening. one, as the president continues on this charm offensive and why? basically it's the last tool he has left. he tried to pressure republicans using his election victory and good numbers in the polls to pressure them to do things. he got some things out of that - a deal with the fiscal cliff negotiation, and also got them to back down on the debt limit. but approval ratings are down. retried to work with republican leaders. that isn't working. now he's going to the rank and file and the basic center of this deal, the grand bargain, is that he will convince democrats to cut entitlements if republicans agree to somegr revenue from taxes. the other drama are these official budgets that came out. they bear no resemblance to t
. the white house tours question was brilliant. the obama administration walked into it. earlier this week, representative andy harris, a doctor from maryland -- [applause] >> right? i just moved here and i'm from california. i feel right at home in maryland. you have to watch out. he was on the appropriation committee and he had the president of the disease control center in front of him. you sent out this pamphlet and you're cutting because of the sequestration and 250,000 children in maryland would go without immunization and i have the obama budget in front of me. you were going cut $58 million and no children were going to be -- go out immunization. that proves they are lying to you. number two, they are using children to prey on you and number three, you can cut thout these affects being as disaster ours. call the president out on here and you'll see how the president is manipulating you through the media. is president did not run the election on gun control. children in his own home district are getting slaughtered on a nightly basis and he says nothing about that. this is the one p
, in part, obama shuttled diplomacy to the house and senate rank and file may shutdown or at least soften republican criticism that he doesn't reach out to them. was the president successful? >> in the short term, we just don't know yet. i think in the long term, you have to plant some seeds that will grow here since the relationship is frozen right now into this gridlock that we have, if nothing else, it takes away from the republican es the complaint that obama hasn't personally reached out to them, stale lot of work to do with the white house staff to congressional staff level, craig. and i think, therefore, this repair job is a work in progress right now. >> james, let me talk to you about two people, first of all, paul ryan, politico piece, you wrote that ryan mocked the budget proposals by senate democrats and that "ryan, of course, is famous for his own budget. he rolled out a fresh version again this week and this's what he focused on during his 14-minute speech at the conservative confab." one of the things that struck me about paul ryan's speech there in maryland is he didn't ev
to the white house to get the waiver from obama-care so they are at a competitive disadvantage. have a bill called a virtual congress, put congress back home among the people. if you change the process than you would change the outcome. if we were closer to the small businesses than the lobbyists i would guarantee that small businesses would have a better day. reminded when we vote for things like " t american idol," we have the technology to vote for anything. certainly congress people can vote from home. lot with my city, my state because i want those elected officials. i do not care which party belong to. they are my tax dollars paying for them. i want to make sure they understand that those things that may be a sign of the big businesses -- that make me excited about the big businesses -- >> i think congress generally has been so reluctant to give up the money that if you did more block grants than you can at least meet your personally of meet yourore -- person in a grocery store. [applause] >> one of the things i have been engaged in over the last several years is trying to get more sm
of the american presidency. while the white house claims ignorance, in her new york times best-seller entitled "fast our energy but there lies, denials, and excuses by demonstrating incontestable proof that president obama and attorney general holder did willingly and knowingly sanction the fast and furious program in order to advance their anti- second-amendment agenda. she is a news editor of, a fox news contributor. she is a graduate of the university of arizona with a degree in broadcast journalism and is a "national review" washington fellow. she is also one of my friends, and i'm grateful to have her as such. to congratulate and welcome out miss katie pavlich. ♪ >> ♪ you work and you save and spend all day in your thankless job you hit the chair and the one you love is waiting there ♪ >> this is very unexpected. thank you, everyone. a little emotional. i did not expect this to happen. i think we can thank andrew for this. [applause] whoe are a lot of bloggers deserve this, and bloggers are doing really important work. i want to thank all of them for the work they do ea
. at the last few gatherings of c- pac, the focus was on taking back the white house from president obama. but with last november's defeat of mitt romney, this key bloc of conservative enthusiasts has set its sights on a new goal: reshaping and reenergizing the republican party. romney offered his own assessment today, in his first public address since his concession speech on election night. >> each of us in our own way is going to have to step up and meet our responsibilities. i'm sorry i won't be your president, but i will be your co-worker and i'll work shoulder-to-shoulder alongside you. ( applause ) >> reporter: romney may be stepping away from the stage, but his running mate wisconsin congressman paul ryan is back in the thick of fiscal fights on capitol hill. today, he addressed the deficit. >> by living beyond our means, government is sending us a message. it is saying, if you plan ahead, if you make sacrifices for your kids, if you save, you're a sucker. it is brazenly stealing from our children and our young adults and it has to stop. >> reporter: amid the stickers, tchotchkes
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obama. we're waiting on his decision which he says to the house republicans will come this week, but i think it's a very interesting point about erskine bowles and other democrats behind the scenes, president obama's problem isn't necessarily the republicans. he's got a huge problem with the senate democrats. he can't bring them along on something that the government should be doing anyway, which is the changed cpi, which is really like a technical fix and inflation goes up and down and spending, it's not reform, it's something that the government should be doing anyway, and he this week, a wall street journal headline, president obama tries to woo democrats over to his side. so his problem is not with the republicans, he would probably be able to triangulate with them. the problem is on his left. where are they? you always see, there's always some courageous member of a party who stands up against his own leadership to say this is just wrong. on the democratic side i'm sure there's grumbling and i hear about it, but where is the courageous person who is going to make that public? >> n
why this is going on here? i mean, why this is happening?" >> "yes, because obama doesn't want anybody to see his beautiful house." >> reporter: feelings. are hurt. >> "that was the highlight of our trip for our students. it's a once in a lifetime opportunity that some of us may never get again." >> "this is a very unfortunate circumstance that is a result of the sequester." white house officials say they had to make a choice between canceling tours and furloughing secret service agents. they also point to other painful cuts from the air traffic control towers in small cities facing closure to the reduced hours at the national archives. >> "these cuts harm not help economy." to cuts in science research at the national lab president obama visited in illinois. >> "they don't trim the fat. they cut into muscle and into bone." >> reporter: talk to amanda harrison. whose husband john just lost the tuition assistance he receives from the marines. due to the automatic cuts. it's a program. that enticed him to join the marines in the first place. >> "you don't get to maintain a good job, i'm s
and by this president. in mexico have navajo coal miners making $60,000 per year. under president obama they are being sent to the house to live under government assistance level checks. 60,000 per year, tax payer, gone. those coal miners will not impact the environment enough to be seen by the human eye. have 123 timber mills in the processing timber. from our national forests. is the last one standing. he is down from 96 employees and dropped to 12. that thell you american government is crushing american businesses. their crushing the middle-class. the genius of america is being silenced. our best performers are giving up. the hardest workers are walking away. businesses are our hope for the future and economy. and they're looking at government and wondering what is going on. businesses are the thing that separates us from being south sudan. we have all the potential in america and our kinetic energy has realized this. and yet we are being silenced by a government. as atlas shrugged, i cannot answer that. i can say that atlas is shrugging. god bless you all, thank you very much. >> laughed and certa
obama. >> you magically put me into the white house did she. >> harris: fox report, live from the conservative political action conference. and the winner of the 2016 straw poll. also, they served our nation in the war zone, some of them left with battle scars. now one state wants to strip them of their right to bear arms at home. now those veterans are getting some help. in minutes, the latest effort to protect their second amendment rights. >>> and jody arias, the movie. really? she's accused of stabbing and cutting the throat of her ex-boyfriend. here she is in an interrogation room. now her story coming to a television screen near you. new details of the on-line casting call for the film. i'm harris faulkner. the 2016 race to the white house still more than three years away, but political conservatives making their voices heard in their first major gathering since president obama won his reelection in november. among the who's who of republicans at this year's cpac conference, voters choosing kentucky senator rand paul as the winner of the traditional cpac straw poll. sena
there's a weariness among membership in the senate and the house about this constant grind, day in, day out, of argument and crisis instead of productivity and movement forward. >> paul: president obama sounding a bipartisan town in washington. with the sequester two weeks old and his numbers dipping. they're looking at many and meeting with the house and senate from both parties. so is outreach sincere and how should republicans respond. we're back with dan henninger and peggy noonan. dan, two weeks ago the president was attacking republicans for these supposedly horrible spending cuts and now he's reaching out to them. >> well, what i make of the change in strategy, the republicans called his bluff and let the sequester happen and the sky didn't fall. a couple of things did happen his approval rating dropped 12 points among women and the handling of the economy is a dead heat with the republicans. he doesn't have to run for reelection again, but a lot of democrats do and if you're a democrat who needs to get reelected you're getting very nervous and i think the democratic elites in wa
: in addition to putting president obama in the white house, they think that's the best way to get a compromise on these issues. a sober looking at right now. the job seem so tricky. we might see a bit on the jobs market. after the fiscal cliff was a result, employers might feel more comfortable being aggressive and hiring, considering the doom and gloom on the deficit at the start markets at an all-time level that makes you think the economy might be giving were overheated. he seems to be a division between the economy and stock market. >> host: looks like jacob is creating interest on our twitter call. jacob from virginia, more articulate than any others who call into c-span. let me go back to "the wall street journal." ron johnson a minute ago indicating he predicted republicans would struggle to reach any sort of a grant budget target with the president. >> guest: for years and years democrats want to raise taxes to reduce the deficit. here just raising taxes. spending the problem. can the democrats get some taxes as part of any deal that will accept some compromise or his taxes up the tabl
. so it's not surprising to me they would be sympathetic from the white house about the debt issue. >> bill: i don't think they all meet at key west and this is how we decide we're going to help with president obama. this is more disturbing. on march 6th an email was sent out that smeared me as homophobic and anti-gay because we confronted the speaker of the house who is gay. and i described him as being openly gay. that is who he is. we said this is his priority, getting civil unions, legalizing marijuana. four days later denver post uses the exact same language as that democratic fund-raiser in an editorial column as a homophope. that i think is collusion? >> it would be hard for me to comment or not whether it is or not mocratic party may want to ix pliot this issue for their own benefit and particularly they would ee an east coast media fox news wanting to come in and meddle in internal affairs. denver post could say, hey, we support this narrative and we're going to get on board with that. >> bill: now, you joe work at primarily lift wing writers? >> no. >> but primarily. it d
engines with crews as a result of sequestration. in an interview this week, president obama tried to explain to george stephanopoulos there are worse things than cancelling white house tours. >> you have been taking heat for the cancellation of white house tours. secret service says it costs $74,000. was cancelling them necessary? >> i have to say this was not a decision that went up to the white house, but what the secret service explained to us was that they're going to have to furlough some folks. what furloughs mean is that people lose a day of work and a day of pay, and the question for them is how deeply do they have to furlough their staff and is it worth it to make sure we have white house tours, if you have families depending on a paycheck, for 5 or 10% reduction in pay. >> joining me to discuss the preoccupation with white house tours, the huffington post sam stein and ryan grim. you both have been in the white house. sam, i want to start with you. i have been in the white house, covered it for a little while. it is not that crazily great. what is the republican obsessio
at the white house. here is president obama talking about this, listen. >> i have to say that this was not a decision that went up to the white house, but what the secret service explained to us was that they're going to have to furlough some folks. >> clayton: so, jay carney the other day in a white house press briefing saying it was the secret service and the president once again saying it was the secret service that came to us. what do you say to that as a former secret service agent yourself. >> you know, clayton, you know who occupies the white house, we have the thurston howell class of folk, the greatest joke perpetrated on the american public you've seen. how much political dishonesty from this white house do they accept. they knock the evil 1% and take $500,000 donations to get a meeting, with the president. it's your house, the president doesn't get a mortgage bill, your tax dollars and you're locked out and blame it on the people, lay down their lives, given up birthday and christmas holidays with their children and blames are them, a fact a total political cow
obama opposed gay marriage and even now, there are 31 states that have constitutional amendments explicitly banning same sex marriage. david? >> very personal move for senator portman today. jon karl at the white house tonight, thank you. >>> overseas tonight, and to the newest image from the new pope. more proof this evening that pope francis plans on being a pope of the people. showing up at a guest house to pay the bill himself, riding in a small bus with cardinals instead of the papal limousine. he even made a call today to the main jesuit residence in rome. the receptionist who answered the phone said they couldn't believe it was him. the pope apparently had to say, "seriously, it's pope francis." >>> we turn back here at home tonight, and our "20/20" hidden camera investigation, about a very common tool used to sell you cars on lots across america, the carfax report. perhaps you've seen the ads, the sly fox on tv. 40 bucks and you get the history of the car you're looking to buy. but is that the full history? >> show me the carfax. >> reporter: in the ad, that fox ready to
is trying to spend more. house republicans are trying to be more efficient. >> let me ask you this, senator. president obama is trying a new strategy. he's reaching out to congress, holding meetings on capitol hill. i don't understand why these weren't happening 18 months ago. but there's a shift from the campaign-style events we've seen over the last month. listen to something he said to george stephanopoulos earlier this week. >> i'm trying to create an atmosphere where democrats and republicans can get together and try to get something done. but ultimately it may be that the differences are just too wide. if their position is we can't do any revenue or we can only do revenue if we gut medicare or gut social security or gut medicaid. if that's the position, then we're probably not going to be able to get a deal. >> probably not going to be able to get a deal. is it still possible to bridge the partisan divide now that democrats and republicans are having to line up behind their very different budget proposals? >> first of all, he said it may be that we can't cross the divide. he said "may
administration's policies. this morning he was critical again of the obama administration and this is what he had to say about his future. let's take a listen. >> let's say you magically put me, you know, into the white house now, all right, all right. >> i don't know if there is much more to say. listen to the response ben carson was asked whether he would run for the white house. the cloud erupted. i have to tell you, dr. ben carson who is going to leave the medical field shortly looks like he will seriously consider running for the white house and could be one of the newest faces and one of the most prominent faces of the conservative movement. >> that would be very interesting for 2016. talk about sarah palin, too. she got people talking. she went up to karl rove and even made fun of michael bloomberg and his big drink ban. what was her message? >> well, you know, sarah palin always does well in these conservative forums and she really delivered again today. she did take a poke at mayor bloomberg and pulled out a large sugary drink and took a sip out of it which the room exploded in applause
scrutiny. despites hopes and objections of those on the left and some on the right, president obama continued to assert secrecy on wiretaps and targeting countries we're not technically at war with. time and again the courts have deferred to the white house. the courts have gone along. the administration would tell judges before a court the court didn't even have the power have the power to review the case because of the president's broad authority to keep things secret. and the courts would say, you're right. today in two separate rulings, two courts that have nothing to do with each other struck back at that prerogative. in one ruling a u.s. district court in california banned the secret letters used by the fbi to demand detail ed from banks and internet companies, so-called national security letters for today the justice department argued that even challenging the government's authority to make this kind of demand was against the law. today the clinton appointed judge in the case ruled the national security letters violate the right to free speech. she banned them outright. secon
. >> yeah. but the key thing there is that each time both the clinton administration and the obama administration tried to do this it was essentially a top-down, inside the beltway strategy. we are going after and trying to cajole and convince and persuade the members of the senate and the house to pass this legislation without first engaging the broad public and building a citizens movement, a issue public as i talked about before that was actually demanding change. because in the end politicians care about their job. and if they don't feel like there's a political price to pay for opposing action on climate change or alternatively a political opportunity to be had by being a leader on this issue, it's very easy for them to say, "you know what? i've got a lot of other things here on my plate to deal with. i've got lots of lobbyists coming into my office as well as people back home saying, do this, do that, do this. and it's not climate change. so until they feel that they have to act many of them probably won't. and in fact, almost you couldn't find a worse problem that fits with
republican majority to still stay in the house to be a check and balance against barack obama. we take that seriously. 171 members. it is the largest in congress. we are committed to fighting andciples we believe in pushing back against barack obama and epa and national labor relations board. it seems like every federal bureaucrat is trying to attack the free enterprise system. if you look at with the election is really about and what people thought about the election, people wanted us to focus on jobs and the economy. people wanted us to control spending. when you look at the first term of barack obama, if you look at the results, the price of gas is up. federal spending is up. household income is down. taxes are up, but small business startups are down. i think you see the picture. the results of the last election did not work out well for the middle class. this president was reelected. it shows us we have got a lot of work on our hands to do. i think it also shows us, if you look at conservative possibles, we ran on principles. we ran on balancing be federal budget. we are at an imp
about the influence of donors and the white house agenda. there was a new group that was formed, organizing for action. what is this group and why is it important to you? guest: after the election, president obama decided to take all of the apparatus, the database, the e-mails and names and addresses of donors, and put them into an organization called organizing for action. in the "los angeles times and the new york times, they said the president was asking his top donors to bundle $500,000 and if they did that, they would be put on an advisory committee and they would get access four times a year. common cause believes that is the wrong way to go. we want to push back on citizens united. we believe money is important and that money can stifle speech. we believe the invention of superpacs and the explosion of -- we wanted the president to stand up for reform. the people surrounding the president say he needs this secular organization with high donors getting access to work on immigration and on gun issues. we want mr. president, you to lead on reform. you are the first president
't put up with it. i mean, it's disgusting and you guys voted to 8 washington behind my house? which is behind my house? it's ridiculous. how dare you, how dare you cater to the developers instead of to the people. we should learn by obama's election. he got voted because he was for the people. you guys don't get it. when are you going to learn? thank you. (applause) >> next speaker. >>>♪ i'll be there to shake your house hand and i'll be there to share all your land plans when you make the, the impact make the impact fee city now, city now city now i'll be there to shake your hand and i'll be there to share your impact plan when you can make the impact money fee shake your city hand share the plan share your city hand share all your city good plans >> thank you. next speaker. >>> michael [speaker not understood] for the san francisco gray panthers and senior disability action. we are completely opposed to any kind of plans which allow more conversion of tics into condos. it's an incredible incentive to [speaker not understood] depictions, speed it up when there is a huge crisis of
Search Results 0 to 34 of about 35 (some duplicates have been removed)